Saturday, January 5, 2008

Glue for Black Straw Snoot

If you have not seen the wonderful Lighting Mod article on creating your own black straw snoot, then you should check it out here.

As with a lot of the DIY tinkerers, it was late at night, I had finally found the black straws, so I tried to make use of the only glue in the house, which was some general purpose white glue. After the first use, the glue it self cracked and did not hold the straws in place. So, off to Walmart we go in search of something better...

This is what I found. Amazing Goop! It is a contact adhesive like rubber cement and worked very well.

If after searching your local favorite restaurants / liquor stores you still can't locate the black straws I got 700 of them from New York Bar Store for $6.95. Here is the part number NYB-PTY-04-STRAW-BLACK-700.

I have a few hundred of them left, if you want some, I will drop 15 or so in the mail to you FREE OF CHARGE. Just be one of the first 15 people to shoot me an email.

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