Friday, December 28, 2007

Something different

I came across this idea while reading about a few shooting assignments. Contrast was the assignment. While doing some golf practice with my son (he plays better than most) he showed me what he learned at golf camp, how to balance a golf ball on top of another.

There is the contrast photo. Simply make the top golf ball different! So I extrapolated it a bit and my thought process came around to the photo below titled

Balancing Act - Girls in a Boys World

Yes, I just happened to have pink golf balls on hand, since my daughter has picked up the game also.


pixure said...

Paul, great image. Just found your blog while on David Ziser's blog he had a link to you. Marc has mentioned you often as I am still at or actually returned to GA, now at PureRed. I plan to add your blog to my daily start up of tabs, so keep posting. The back to basics segment is great.

Kent Fleming

Paul B. Pescitelli said...


Thanks for stopping by.. Hope all is going well with you and the family...