Saturday, December 22, 2007

Canon 580EXII off Camera Settings

In order to utilize the flash very well for off camera, it is necessary to change the default functions.

Setting external auto flash on the 580EX II with other EOS cameras:
1. Press the illumination/C.Fn button on the back of the 580EX II for at least two seconds until the speedlite’s display changes.
2. Turn the flash unit’s control dial until “Fn 05” (speedlite Custom Function 5) appears.
3. Press the speedlite’s SET button to make the second digit blink on and off; while it is blinking, turn the control dial on the flash unit until option 3 appears (Fn 05-3). By doing this, you have now set the flash to perform standard, traditional external flash metering.
This can be done with any EOS SLR, film or digital.


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